Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Madness

So far this month has felt really productive. I've finished 4 knitting projects so far! Here's the yarn porn:

*January Aran vest*

Front view

Back view

*February Baby Sweater*


I do have a confession to make though. After doing so much finishing work, I was absolutely itching to cast on something. ANYTHING. So I started an ugly blanket. Now, the link isn't the exact pattern I'm using, but it gives you an idea of the kind of ugly I'm going for. I got this book from our local library's book sale a couple of years ago because I'm a sucker for vintage knitting books. The best thing about this one is that a good portion of the blankets are crocheted. I can improvise a knitting pattern like no body's business, but crochet? Not so much.

There is a really fantastic crochet pattern inside for an airplane blanket/pillow all in one thing that I intended to make but it calls for super bulky yarn and a hook that I didn't have on hand. I decided to make the Colonial Ripples afghan instead and I am so glad I did. I'm 3 days in and 1/2 way done. With a freakin' blanket. It's really good for sitting in front of the TV too. I got the first 2 ripples done while my husband and I watched some Ugly Betty and another done last night while watching some DS 9. I may do some more tonight after work. It all depends on if we have friends over to watch GOT. Of course, they're going to find out how weird I am eventually. I may as well hook while they're here.

Will I be burned out on blankets by April? Probably. Good thing I still have some of the squares from my last attempt at the Almanac. Granted, a 6 year old picked the colors, but I don't have to start next month from scratch. BONUS: I'll be finishing another WIP. If I look at it that way, it won't feel so much like cheating.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Productivity! In More Ways Than One

I've done a lot of thinking this weekend. Instead of making this month's sweater (I love you EZ but I'm sweatered out) I will be finishing up as many current projects as I can. This includes weaving in the last few ends of the January Aran, putting the second sleeve on the February Baby Sweater, putting the second sleeve on a sweater I started last September *cough*, and tinking back the edge on a shawl that I ran out of yarn for. If I get it all finished I'm starting back in on Susan's Tardis socks. I hate those freaking socks.

I don't know if I'll get all of this done because, honestly, I just don't knit that much anymore. After we moved into the apartment my interest in knitting kind of dwindled. Sometimes it starts to feel like a chore and when that happens I put it down and walk away. Coming from 5+ years of constantly knitting or thinking about knitting it is so strange to not be excited about it all the time. I mean, yeah, this was a long time in coming but it is still bittersweet.

Part of the reason I decided to give the Almanac a go again was to try to get my excitement back up. Maybe as the year goes on it'll happen. Maybe not. I've stopped beating myself up over it though. I still love knitting, we'll always be together, but I can't hide behind it anymore. I've been a knitter for over half of my life and it's time to see what else is out there for me. That's cool. Bring it.