Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hear that? I think that may have been the last threads of my sanity snapping. Not to worry though, I can spin more!

I have been a bad knitter this month. Even now, with a deadline less than two days away, I am writing this post instead of finishing the mile long hat. I've failed to finish my daughter's surprise birthday plushie. I've completed only three stars from the Almanac and have yet to cast on/plan for the trees, nets or angels.

When is the end of August? Tuesday you say. Hmmm. . . No problem!

What did you say? Tests in all four of my classes on Thursday? Quit teasing. School only just started this week. Surely the professors won't test us on all of that information with just one week to study. They can't be that heartless. o.0 Maybe if I cut out eating and sleep I can fit it all in. . .

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where Did the Time Go?

Here it is, the day after EZ's birthday, and I'm just now realizing that yesterday was in fact August 9th. I had intended to do a happy birthday post. Ahem.

So far this month, I have made 1 star from the Almanac. This star was quickly stolen by the kitten. I'm sure it will turn up eventually and look nothing like a star. I really want to cast on for one of the little angels. The hat I'm working on right now (for an order) is taking such a long time though and I promised to have it done in 3 weeks. Maybe I'll luck out and get a few days off in which to sit back and knit. . . HAHAHA. That's my favorite joke. ^_^

I've also been busy getting my daughter ready for her first day of Kindergarten. This little girl has been so excited to go to school all summer and today, she finally got to . I missed her and I cried a little when I read the note her teacher gave to me after I dropped her off. I had some knitting therapy (hence the star) and did as many little errands as I could think of. I know that this school thing will get easier over time but I'm still in shock that my baby isn't really a baby anymore. Oops. So much for not getting weepy again. I'm going to get some more work in on the hat before bed.

Good night all. Happy knitting.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 9, 1910 - November 30, 1999

Here we are at August. Shawl knitting is over for the year (maybe) and little Christmas projects are waving to me from the pages of EZ's book. I'm waiting until the 9th, her 100th birthday, to cast on for the first of this month's projects. It'll be my little way of saying happy birthday. I do have plenty to keep me bust for the next week though.

I recently started peddling my wares at a local artist's market. Every Saturday local artisans are allowed to take over an old mill close to our Downtown area and sell their stuff. I've been there the past two weeks and have made a nice little profit. Yesterday, I got two orders for custom hats. ^_^ All of this money making has made me realize that I really must do something about that pesky little etsy store. I've had it for almost two years now, sitting with nothing but a name. If I'm going to make a name for myself, I need an internet presence. This is annoying to no end, since it is taking valuable time away from my knitting. I have managed to get the brim for one custom hat done today while making dinner and hope to get to the first decrease rounds before bed.

As I begin to turn my love of yarn and knitting into a little career, I can't help but feel closer to EZ. She was such an amazing woman and still is such an inspiration to so many knitters. All this month, as I knit for my business or for friends or for the knit-along, I'll be knitting a stitch for her and wishing her a very happy birthday.