Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 9, 1910 - November 30, 1999

Here we are at August. Shawl knitting is over for the year (maybe) and little Christmas projects are waving to me from the pages of EZ's book. I'm waiting until the 9th, her 100th birthday, to cast on for the first of this month's projects. It'll be my little way of saying happy birthday. I do have plenty to keep me bust for the next week though.

I recently started peddling my wares at a local artist's market. Every Saturday local artisans are allowed to take over an old mill close to our Downtown area and sell their stuff. I've been there the past two weeks and have made a nice little profit. Yesterday, I got two orders for custom hats. ^_^ All of this money making has made me realize that I really must do something about that pesky little etsy store. I've had it for almost two years now, sitting with nothing but a name. If I'm going to make a name for myself, I need an internet presence. This is annoying to no end, since it is taking valuable time away from my knitting. I have managed to get the brim for one custom hat done today while making dinner and hope to get to the first decrease rounds before bed.

As I begin to turn my love of yarn and knitting into a little career, I can't help but feel closer to EZ. She was such an amazing woman and still is such an inspiration to so many knitters. All this month, as I knit for my business or for friends or for the knit-along, I'll be knitting a stitch for her and wishing her a very happy birthday.

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