Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hear that? I think that may have been the last threads of my sanity snapping. Not to worry though, I can spin more!

I have been a bad knitter this month. Even now, with a deadline less than two days away, I am writing this post instead of finishing the mile long hat. I've failed to finish my daughter's surprise birthday plushie. I've completed only three stars from the Almanac and have yet to cast on/plan for the trees, nets or angels.

When is the end of August? Tuesday you say. Hmmm. . . No problem!

What did you say? Tests in all four of my classes on Thursday? Quit teasing. School only just started this week. Surely the professors won't test us on all of that information with just one week to study. They can't be that heartless. o.0 Maybe if I cut out eating and sleep I can fit it all in. . .

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