Saturday, July 3, 2010

Who Needs Sleep?

Here we are at the beginning of July, faced with THE SHAWL. This can be a very intimidating project on it's own. Add to it a host of little items for surprise births, charity donations, commissions, etc. and you have a panic attack waiting to happen. Oh. And I forgot about the back to school sweater that I promised my little one. First day of school is August 9th.

Despite all of the knitting that needs to happen, I also have this pesky thing called a job. For now it is only part time. Hopefully next week that will change. I have an interview (WOOHOO!) for a full time position that could carry me through school. It'll mean a lot less time with my family and my yarn but could give us the boost we need to get out of my in-laws' house. Decisions, decisions.

I have cast on for the EZ shawl. I'm using a 2-ply handspun lace weight that was given to me by an amazing local spinner. It is a really beautiful shade of purple, but she hated the way it turned out and just gave me 7 hanks. I'm doing the plain version since I will not have time to follow a lace chart and keep my sanity. Thankfully, I've been able to sneak a few rounds in and am all the way to the 4th increase section!

I've been typing for long enough today. I'm off to finish a different shawl, two scarves, 6 bags and a few alien hats. I'll post pictures of everything once I have another spare second.

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