Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slowly but Surely

 I finally feel like I have made some progress on this thing. Not nearly as much as I was hoping for at this point, but enough to be content with it. I had to rip out the second half of the big cable pattern a few times before I got it right and that really cut into my time frame. After spending some quality time with the fishtrap chart I finally got the hang of it. Now, the only time I need to look at the thing is when I ‘m getting close to doing the small cables. I love the way the twisted stitches make those stand out. They are by far the best looking rope cables I’ve ever done.

As I’m going, and looking at the deadline, I keep thinking that I want to make this a vest. A nice i-cord border seems lovely. No buttons, but maybe some hidden belt loops? I have plenty of knitting to go before I decide in any case. We’ll see.

The baby is actually being really good about letting me knit. She has even taken to cuddling up with me and watching her ‘mouse movie’ while I knit. It doesn’t make for the best knitting TV, but I’ll take what I can get. I did find this on Netflix the other night. OMG. Nedomir was quite the looker in ‘93. Also, quite the unintentional comedian. If you ever want to see some really awkward sex, this is the show for you. I don’t think the female lead enjoyed any of it and that’s just a shame. Tonight, I’m moving on to The Tudors. It’s been in my instant queue for forever. I’m hoping the romance is a little more romantic and a little less. . . strange.

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