Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Endless, Endless I-Cord

The hard part is over. I have conquered steeks. Please forgive the terrible lighting. My camera is garbage and it was 2:00am.

Finished body, pre-sewing.

Deep breath, it'll be ok. 

Go have a drink. Cutting is easier after some time with Dr. Daniels.

Eeew, this picture is dark. If I hadn't been drunk, I'd have taken another one before I started the I-cord. 

Now, I just need to get with it and finish this i-cord edging! It isn't difficult in the least, just incredibly tedious and I've finished watching my latest smutty show. Ooooh it is some good knitting TV. Hang in there for the first few episodes. It gets good. I actually want to find the next season(s).

I haven't even begun to cast on for February's nonsense yet. I had hoped to do all 5 of the projects this month but it looks like I will only have time for one. So tell me Internet, do I do the blanket or the sweater? I am gifting the item to a friend who is expecting in mid-September, in AL, who doesn't know gender. If I do the sweater, I have a really cute cotton picked out. No idea what I'll use for the blanket. I'm doing this whole book from my stash, so I don't have a lot of worsted options that would work for a baby.

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